Why Should I Have a Clean Space?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work or home life? Are you looking for an actionable step to declutter your mind? While it may seem tedious, cleaning can help your mental and physical health and provide you with a better mindset. 

Our professional Ansonia residential and commercial cleaning team is here to share five reasons why a clean space can benefit you.

5 Reasons Why a Clean Space Leads to a Clear Mind

1. Clear Space = Clear Mind

Physical clutter can lead you to feel disorganized and overwhelmed. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for, which adds obvious stress, but the mess can also distract us, make us feel cramped, and increase cortisol levels in the body. This increased cortisol causes more stress and anxiety, all things we try to avoid. However, if the space is clean and organized, we can feel refreshed, calm, and ready to take on the day. That sounds great to us!

2. Mindfulness

Cleaning itself gives you something to do with your hands and allows you time to disconnect from other responsibilities in your life. You can focus solely on cleaning and getting your space organized. Maybe put on some tunes and add a dance party to it! It’ll help you become more organized and might also make you smile!

3. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

When a space is clean, your brain doesn’t have to process the clutter it sees in addition to the clutter in your mind. It’s easy to feel overstimulated and overwhelmed by a messy space, which makes everyday tasks even harder. With a clean area, you can be more productive and less anxious. Especially when working from home, a clean space is more important than ever. 

4. Get Up and Moving!

We know exercise is important and that at least 30 minutes daily is recommended. When you clean, you’re contributing to that 30 minutes. Cleaning forces you to get up and move around, which helps your mind and body in various ways. You can add squats or jumping jacks between sweeping the floors and scrubbing the sink.

5. Clean for Zzz’s

Sleep! Studies have shown the importance of sleep when it comes to a variety of aspects. It keeps your stress levels low, makes you more alert, and keeps you in a better mood. When the space you sleep in is clean, you’re bound to get a better night’s rest. It limits bedtime distractions, which makes falling asleep easier. If you make your bed or declutter your nightstand, you’ll feel less overwhelmed when the time comes to go to bed. We all love a good night’s sleep!

A clean space creates a cleaner physical and mental environment. As mentioned above, a clean room can make you feel less stressed, more productive, more well-rested, and it can get you up and going for a bit! Think about creating a clean space the next time you’re feeling stressed in your surroundings.

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